Establishing orderly financial systems

This article is the second in a three-part series from professional organizer Vicki Norris on getting organized to help save money. Look for more posts from Vicki coming soon!

The number one request our professional organizing company receives is to help people deal with an overwhelming amount of paper. We all receive an onslaught of paper daily, and not managing it can adversely affect our finances. At best, financial disorder causes mistakes, late fees, overpaying, raised interest rates, and debt. At worst, chaos in our finances can destroy our credit simply due to inaction on paperwork stagnating on our desks.

To ensure your money stays in your pocket, put your finances in order. When you take the time to organize your finances and paperwork systems, you take back a long-lost sense of control.

Here are some planning and organizational steps I recommend:

  • Establish a budget (A cash system is a simple solution.)
  • Create a plan to pay off any debt
  • Set up a receipt-management system to track and categorize expenses
  • Establish a bill-paying system to eliminate late fees

As you organize your finances, you will begin recapturing money you have been losing. You’ll stop living wastefully and find yourself becoming more resourceful. And with all the money you’ll reclaim, you will have more funds for doing the things you love to do!

Vicki Norris, president of Restoring Order®, is a nationally recognized organizing expert, author, and speaker. Her team of professional organizers serves home and business clients in Washington and Oregon. You can watch her organizing segments on KPTV’s Fox 12 More Good Day Oregon. Visit for more information.