Delete the proof of the chaos

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uk canada goose outlet it was identified that one frequent poster, whose MIL’s nickname was VJS, had fabricated everything. uk canada goose outlet

it started a conversation on r/LettersToJNMIL canada goose outlet where other commenters came forward to talk about another poster, whose MIL’s nickname is DD, that posted nearly everyday between JustNoMIL and canada goose outlet vancouver JustNoSO. Her posts were very popular, and while veeeeery likely all fake, they were most importantly very racist.

users start coming forward on Letters proving that they had been contacting mods for a couple months now about DD’s racism against South Asian culture, but mods pointedly chose to do nothing since “no truth policing allowed”.

canada goose coats A couple JustNo mods start trying to move things in the right direction they make Town Hall posts in the canada goose outlet in chicago Letters sub, asking for input. They respond on some comments promising public apologies to those who are due them, make some claims about next steps. Mod applications open up. canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale Soon, every new canada goose clearance post is getting locked on Letters. Every. Post. People are starting to get angry, because the one place they can have these Meta discussions Letters is being censored. canada goose black friday sale

Mods unilaterally decide to completely nuke the Letters sub. It’s not just closed all posts and comments are canada goose outlet price gone from everybody’s post history. Completely wiped and inaccessible. A week’s worth of detailed discussions on LGBT, race, religion, and many other topics are gone. Proof of the last canada goose outlet mississauga 6 months’ mod issues, which were discussed on Letters, all gone.

canada goose Mods post a State of the Subreddit on JustNoMIL outlining changes with a canada goose outlet eu very nonspecific, vague apology. It does not go over well. canada goose

I’m leaving a lot of details out, but basically, Mods are being JustNo’s. Delete the proof of the chaos, gloss over most issues, give a shitty apology, and rugsweep like nobody’s business. It’s a mess, and many marginalized groups are (understandably) really upset about it.

Look, I understand that many “fat logic” people say this. And I would argue normatively that we should assume that obesity increases the chances of diabetes. Like, I would never tell anyone that being obese won increases their chances of diabetes

here the truth from a rigorous empirical perspective: while obesity is highly correlated with diabetes, the biostatistical community has not established a rigorous causal relationship between obesity and diabetes. Quite frankly, if you claimed that it is “common knowledge” that obesity causes diabtes, canada goose costco uk you will be laughed out of any biostatistician conference. Downvote me or whatever, but that the truth

Canada Goose Parka we have rigorous causal evidence that smoking leads to lung cancer. We have strong correlational evidence that obesity leads to diabetes, but we lack rigorous causal evidence. Canada Goose Parka

post should be reported to /r/badscience. It correct in spirit, but it technically wrong

uppercntmean lady :snoo_shrug: SW: 237lbs CW: 204lbs GW: 125?

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Ok so first of all: FUCK ALLERGIES. I had to use a damn sick day because of a migraine triggered by God damn dry mouth from my allergy meds. So my options are take regular allergy meds instead of the strong stuff or risk a gum infection from a nasty dry mouth.

cheap canada goose uk Secondly, my kid has been on spring break this week and we have eaten ice cream nearly every day this week. I haven lost any weight, but I haven gained any but ugh. Ok, meal prep Sunday is happening, time to push through, get back on track and get my ass under 200lb. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose factory sale Third and most importantly, I am afraid of my cat because at 645am he opened a fully closed door by himself. He learning and evolving and I genuinely afraid. canada goose factory sale

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Right?! My mom has a mild/casual form of anorexia where she eats enough and healthy enough to live, but is still 5’8″, 125lbs, and in her 60s.

Years ago, I went with my mom and my sister to NYC. My sister was on a school trip so my mom and I were left with each other. We only ate fruit, crackers, and peanut butter she brought from home the whole time. She was not at all interested in enjoying eating. Not even in NYC. Eating is a nutritional necessity and nothing more. I’ve had disordered eating most of my life because I learned to eat from the parents who fed me. I’ve been 100+ lbs overweight and 10 20lbs underweight. I didn’t spend as much time with my dad growing up but his disordered eating is evident. He spends an hour at the gym every day of the week no matter what, which is good, but he doesn’t keep food in his house so he goes to the grocery store after the gym every night and buys only what he needs to cook a meal for one that day. He’ll keep maybe a bunch of bananas and a loaf of bread to have something during the day. If I find enjoyment in food I will go overboard.

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canada goose uk outlet I don’t understand the significance of the dancing? Red told Adelaide cheap canada goose new york that the ballet performance was the moment the other Tethers realized Red was different and that Adelaide felt it too. But canada goose outlet legit they just kept cutting to the ballet without showing what made it special? canada goose uk outlet

I think maybe the implication is that because Red could replicate the ballet with grace and fluidity that the other Tethers couldn’t do they realized she was different? But I feel like they didn’t really show or say that? Did I miss something?

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canadian goose jacket So I literally got out of the theater an hour ago, and while it scared the shit out of me there was a lot of stuff that to me seemed incoherent to the point of damaging the movie. I feel like I missing some stuff so please feel free to enlighten me, but I just want to share some of my beef. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Online If who we thought was Addy was actually Red all along, why did fake her move so weird if she wasn damaged? I canada goose shop vancouver can understand real!Red being socialized by non tethers and learning how to act normal, but why did fake!Red then start being so weird? Canada Goose Online

What was so important about the goddamn ballet dance? How does a dance convince an entire nation of people to accept fake!Red as their leader? What was so important about the dance in the above ground world.

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buy canada goose jacket At Bushwick’s Bossa Nova Civic Club. Nearly to a person, the photos show blondes in pink bikinis, sometimes wearing headphones and mixing, often not. She points to the two inch screen: “This is what we’re up against!”With her white hair cut into a dramatic bob that billows like a canada goose outlet buffalo small paper lantern when she dances, Paoletti does not look like Google Images’ idea of a “female DJ.” Now she shows a photo of herself and a friend with an equally artful self presentation. buy canada goose jacket

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Naimat Khan, a PTI councillor, said that he was with the

uk canada goose He said the development schemes in all areas were on hold due to the non availability of funds. Naimat Khan, a PTI councillor, said that he was with the opposition over the funds issue and supported the protest outside assembly. He said that a huge amount of public resources had been spent on the existing system. uk canada goose

canada goose factory sale The Baronetage lists a still born son for Sir Walter and Lady Elliot. Ever conscious of the succession of his line, Elizabeth, Mary, and Anne canada goose outlet count for nothing as far as inheritance goes. Sir Walter, therefore, desires to renew relations with Mr. 4. Rippled coffee filters. Paint a bunch and glue them together to look like flowers for a garden fairy. canada goose factory sale

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canadian goose jacket In a response to questions from The Washington Post, Prigozhin said in a statement on the Russian version of Facebook, “I cannot comment on the work of the Internet Research Agency in any way because I have no relation to it.” Concord Management declined to comment, citing the ongoing litigation in the United States. Another element of the Cyber Command campaign, first reported by the New York Times, involved “direct messaging” that targeted the trolls as well as hackers who work for the Russian military intelligence agency, the GRU. Operatives beginning in October let the Russians know that their real names and online handles were known and they should not interfere in other nations’ affairs, defense officials said canadian goose jacket.